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"Gus-Crystal Glass Factory" in the city of Gus-Khrustalny - the city of glass masters, where the traditions of glass and crystal production were laid centuries ago. Our company is eganged in the decoration of drinking sorted glassware.

Our company's products tock leading position in their market segment. The range and design og the released products is constantly updated. The production capacities are expanded each year, new trends appear. Thin lace patterns, graceful interlacing of lines, patterns on gold - these products managed to win the love of consumers in a short time. Products with silver, golden decoration, kils for water have proven permament demand.

"Gus-Crystal Glass Factory" is a constant partixipant of the largest exhibitions such as "HouseHold". Our collection includes exhibition diplomas and the Gold Medal "1000 Best Enterprises and Organizations of Russia."

All merchandise is environmeantally friendly, has a hygienic certificate and certificate of conformity. The ware is packeged in beatiful micro-comugated gidtboxes. For the convenience of transporation, the kits are packed in strong corrugatted containers by several boxes, further palletizing is possible.

The ratio of high quality and affordable prices could win the trust of consumers it many regions of Russia. We will be glad to see you among our regular customers.

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